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     The things to do in Ethiopia will absolutely astound you!  The country is just emerging from a very rough communist state and is just starting to flourish.  Because the country was so closed off to the rest of the world the people of the country are very open and curious about the outside world.  Ethiopians are literally ingesting everything they can get their hands on from music, dress, and even culture.

One of the most fascinating things about the country is that it is a very ancient culture.  Their language, Amharic, is one of the oldest written languages in the world (click here for a funny video about how to learn Amharic).  Add on the fact that Ethiopia has tourist attractions like feeding hyenas, the city known as the 2nd Jerusalem, African Safaris, and even a real world Camelot, you have quite a country & culture to experience.  Did I mention it was one of the cheapest places to travel in Africa?


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Why travel with us?

You will not only be traveling in Ethiopia with us, but you will also experience the deep & varied lifestyles of the Ethiopian people with our friendly and well trained staff. We are also highly rated on Trip Advisor, the World's most trusted and largest travel site for reviews and recommendations.

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 Ethiopia is truly a land of contrasts and extremes, a land of remote and wild places. For example, some of the highest peaks on the African continent are found here among the jaggedly carved Simien Mountains—one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites— as well as some of the lowest, in the hot and fascinating Danakil Depression, where sulfur fumaroles escape from a lunar-like landscape.


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